Vertera™ 5G – Teller Cash Recycler

General Details
The Vertera delivers real business benefit at multiple levels and provides a comprehensive and integrated solution to address the demands of the customer, the teller and improvements in branch efficiency.

  • Provides a fast, efficient service for customers with fewer queues and a more personalized service that only a fully supported and attentive teller can provide.
  •  Reduces monotonous and repetitive tasks as the Vertera provides a highly efficient and secure cash recycling solution.
  •  Advanced authentication and fitness sorting capabilities, ensuring a robust first line of defense for the bank branch.
  •  Authenticity detectors are configured by GGS to the specific currencies required and are configurable to customers requirements.
  •  Optimizes branch business processes with deployment flexibility designed into the solution, virtually eliminating start-of-day and end-of-day set up activities, and providing a consolidated view of the branch cash holding.
  •  Compact design that provides the flexibility to fit seamlessly into the working environment, whether tellers are standing, sitting or mixed mode.
Technical Info
18.3 in x 37.2 in x 31.3 in

Dispense: 7 notes per second
Deposit: 5 notes per second in a single pass

Up to 600 notes per RSM

4, 6 or 8 RSM options

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