Tellermate T-iX 4500 Cash and Coin Scale

General Details
The Tellermate T-ix 4500 accurately counts a cash drawer in under a minute, reducing errors and giving you more time to focus on profit producing tasks.

The T-ix 4500 cash counter gives you a choice of connectivity options, from USB, to Ethernet, all your count data is easily
transferable to your own devices. Every business faces different challenges. So we’ve designed the T-ix 4500 to adapt to your specific tasks. Available in both single and multi-till options, it gives you all the help you need to count your drawers,
prepare bank deposits, and reduce discrepancies. The alphanumeric key pad makes it easier to enter balances, reference numbers and media items, enabling you to reconcile your full cash drawer in under one minute. Plus, with the T-ix 4500, data can be sent to a Tellermate printer, or directly to your PC via Ethernet, serial or USB connection – giving you a detailed audit
of your counts on your own devices.

Multi-till memory with the T-iX 4500
Send data via USB or serial connection
Multiple count tasks and currency options available
Customizable bank values
Option to connect to a Tellermate printer
Software upgradeable via USB drive or PC download

Technical Data
Dimensions: 11.45 x 5.68 x 6.54 in
Weight: 2 lb 2.5 oz
Capacity: 4 lb 6.6 oz
Display: Full, graphic LCD, 3.03 x 1.6 in
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