Tellermate T-iX 2000 Cash and Coin Scale

General Details
The Tellermate T-ix 2000 accurately counts a cash drawer in under a minute, reducing errors and giving you more time to focus on profit producing tasks.

The T-ix 2000 cash counter is designed to streamline your cash management processes. It can quickly and accurately count drawer of coins, bills and coupons saving you valuable time. When combined with a Tellermate printer, you can print reports for even greater accountability. The T-ix 2000 helps you prepare more efficient bank deposits with a feature that alerts users to errors in straps, ensuring that deposits are correct the first time.

Two counting tasks for closeouts and deposits
Customizable bank values
Option to connect to a Tellermate printer
Multiple currency options available
Software upgradeable via USB drive

Technical Data
Dimensions: 11.45 x 5.68 x 6.54 in
Weight: 2 lb 2.5 oz
Capacity: 4 lb 6.6 oz
Display: Full, graphic LCD, 3.03 x 1.6 in
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