Glory RBG-100 Intelligent Cash Recycler

General Details
To meet the challenges and gain the competitive edge in today’s tough business environment successful financial institutions require efficient and proven solutions. That means choosing a business partner that provides the latest technology innovations, industry expertise and award winning customer service.

GLORY’s RBG-100 iCR™ — Intelligent Cash Recycler — answers these challenges by providing an efficient high performance cash management solution designed to be installed in teller lines to process customer transactions, ATM pulls, large deposits and teller vault buys and sells.

Product Features:

Significant Increase in Capacity
Up to 17,100 note capacity includes approximately 12,600 recyclable notes and a secure 4,500 deposit only collection drawer.

Configurable Cassettes
Provide efficient recycling of all six denominations or any combination of denominations.

Continuous Feed Hopper
A 300 note feed provides for fast processing of large deposits without interruptions and more opportunities for customer engagement.

Collection/Overflow Drawer
Excess and unfit currency notes can be securely stored.

Enhanced Security
The approved UL-291 safe allows for overnight storage of cash inventory. No need to remove cash to an external vault.

Contemporary Compact Design
Innovative cassette design provides increased capacity and security.

​ ​RBG-100 Intelligent Cash Recycler
​ Capacity ​Entrance ​300 notes
​Exit ​150 notes
​4 Cassettes ​2,700 notes each
(includes verification cassette)
​1 Split Cassette ​upper: 1,050 notes lower: 750 notes
​1 Collection Cassette ​4,500 notes (deposit only)
​Total (approx.) ​17,100 notes
​ Speed ​Deposit / Dispense ​10 notes per second
​ Dimensions ​16.5” (W) x 46.3” (H) x 36.3” (D)
(includes optional monitor)
​ Weight ​1,041 lbs
​ Power Supply ​Voltage: AC 120V
Max Power Consumption: 700 Watts
​ Recognized ​Deposit / Withdrawal ​7 denominations
($1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 US Dollars)
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