G+D BPS M5 High Speed Banknote Sorter

General Details

With the BPM M5, Giesecke & Devrient has developed a modular system for banknote processing that is ideally suited to the requirements of major cash centers in the commercial sector, providing commercial banks, security transport companies and casinos with a powerful and reliable solution. In addition to being capable of processing up to 33 banknotes per second – the equivalent of 120,000 banknotes per hour – the BPS M5 is also designed to achieve this level of productivity in continuous operation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This high performance is facilitated by a number of practical features such as the large feed compartment which opens and closes automatically. Operators can enter up to 4000 banknotes at once, freeing up their work time for other tasks. The cleaning unit, which vacuums dust directly from the system where it arises, helps increase efficiency. It is attention to details such as these, following 40 years’ experience in banknote processing, which make our systems so outstandingly productive and reliable.

Technical Info
  • Speed versions for 22 and 33 banknotes/second (80,000 and 120,000 banknotes/hour)
  • 10 sensor stations (5 of which are double-sided) for full-face evaluation of authenticity and fitness for circulation, i.e. for the provision of fit banknotes for ATMs
  • Stacker modules each with four online banders, optionally integrated with online bundling for connection to the NotaPack packing system
  • Stacker modules each with two delivery shafts for loose banknotes
  • Fully consistent processing of mixed denominations with different formats and substrates
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