Gemsys WebSafe

General Details
Gemsys WebSafe is a scalable cash management and control solution that will provide end to end cash tracking and accountability. Gemsys Websafe provides a hardware and software based cash management and control solution designed to meet the needs of the Quick Service Restaurant, Convenience Store and Retail markets.

The solution consists of local and cloud based software integrated with various cash handling devices such as secure point of sale cash validation devices (Counter Cache Intelligent/CCI), dispensing and validation safes, coin sorting and wrapping machines, currency recognition counters, coin and currency scales. The most efficient way to reduce labor costs associated with handling cash in your business is to eliminate the need to count that cash at the end of the business day.

By eliminating the need to count as much cash as possible security is automatically improved simply because the cash does not have to be handled as much. Cash moves from customer to cashier, from cashier to a secure depository. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Gemsys Websafe allows retailers to customize the system to meet their specific requirements. Cashier accountability, shift accountability or any combination of balancing methods can be handled by Gemsys Websafe.

Gemsys Cash Management and Control Systems are designed to reduce labor costs and improve security associated with handling cash. Improve controls, and cash management reporting provides closed loop accountability from point of sale to bank deposit.

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