Formax FD-8906B High Capacity Shredder with Baler

General Details
The Formax FD 8906B Industrial Shredder and Baler is a high-capacity conveyor-fed unit designed for large volume shredding in a central location and offers fully-automated features including Auto Start/Stop, Auto Reverse and Auto Cleaning for ease of use.

The FD 8906B combines the power and features of the FD 8906CC with an Output Baler for convenient disposal of shredded material. The Baler continually compacts shredded material into a bale, which is then ejected into a plastic bag for easy disposal.

The FD 8906B can shred stacks of computer forms, cardboard, tapes, ribbons, CDs, magnetic disks, and entire files up to 650 sheets, at a speed of up to 35 fpm.

Standard features include an LED Control Panel with load indicator, heat-treated solid-steel cutting blades, a powerful AC geared-motor, and a variety of safety features. Shredding blades can also be customized to meet your specific needs.

The standard EvenFlow™ automatic oiling system with 25 heavy-duty copper nozzles lubricates the cutting blades, helping to keep the FD 8906B in peak operating condition.


Cutting Style
Cross Cut *

Shred Size
5/16” x 1 1/2” – 3”

Sheet Capacity
Up to 650 sheets **

Up to 35 fpm

Feed Opening

47” W x 129” L x 63” H

3,495 lbs

Bin/Bale Capacity
154 gal compressed bale size

Bale Pressing Power
80.8 kN

Bale Size
31” W x 22” L x 19” H

Bale Weight
110 – 154 lbs (material dependent)

Delivery Requirements
Customer-supplied fork lift is required for installation

Security Level
P-3 / Level 2

Power Supply
Three-phase, 220V, 60Hz, 50A dedicated line required

NEMA CS8365 plug included, CS8369 receptacle required

* Customized shredding blades available for special purposes, sizes and applications.
** 650-sheet capacity based on 220V, 3-phase power. Sheet capacity may vary due to variations
in paper and power supply.
Three-phase power is required, as well as a customer-supplied fork lift for installation.

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