Glory CI-10 Compact Cash Recycling Solution

General Details
The compact cash recycling system CI-10 which consists of a banknote recycler (CI-10B) and a coin recycler (CI-10C) can be applied to various markets: bakeries, shops, supermarkets, and hypermarkets, etc.

The CI-10 integrated into an existing POS system enables automated cash handling, improves security, staff productivity, customer service and fund efficiency. The CI-10 is stylishly designed with straight lines, it can be easily integrated into cash desks and self-checkouts.

A “Follow me” LED sign assists the customer to operate the system independently and comfortably. If the CI-100 cash recycling system is added, the CI-10 and CI-100 offer a secure closed cash management solution.

A stacking collection cassette is also available in case the CI-100 is not part of the system.

The CI-10 compact cash recycling solution removes the need for staff to handle cash at the point of sale. When integrated into your existing POS system the CI-10 securely automates cash handling at payment positions minimizing the risk of errors and shrinkage while enhancing staff productivity and customer service.

9.4 in × 19 in × 32.3 in -33.5 in (each module)

Approx. 750 stacking collection cassette and approx. 600 interface cassette

3 recycle modules

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