Magner CDS 700 Series Self-Service Coin Center

General Details
Magner used their “Design Thinking” approach to create a product focused on what’s important to you:

  • Creating a positive experience
  • Simplifying operation
  • Minimizing interaction
  • Quiet, non-disruptive operation

— Optimum speed to meet noise reduction requirements



  1. Interactive Touch Screen Display: Enhances balancing, bag removal and reporting functionality — giving instant access for bag status, end-of-day reports and transaction history
  2. Integrated Debris Removal Tray: Removes dirt, foreign objects, and liquids
  3. Pull-out Shelf: Easy access to the entire counting and sorting mechanism
  4. Continuous Cleaning Mechanisms: Remove sand and other small objects during counting process; Automatic debris ejection system removes non-coin debris to trash receptacle
  5. Bag Management Section: Direct access to all bags through secure doors; coins feed directly into bags at floor level, minimizing  lifting which allows for easy bag removal. Model 709 full sort to 9 Bags. Model 728 mixed output to 8 bags.
Counting Speed:
up to 850 coins per minute

Coin Recognition:
Alloy count sensor technology detects coins by 16 different parameters for the highest degree of accuracy

Automatic Coin Bowl Debris Removal System

Error Status Messaging

English / English & Spanish

Choice of Output

Model 709
Full sort with exact bag stops to 9 bags, configurable in single/double/triple bags by denomination, programmable for Federal Reserve half or full bags

Model 728
Mixed output to 8 bags. Programmable by weight or piece count. Ideal for institutions with weight lifting restrictions.


Dimensions (W x D x H)
36” W x 23” D x 47.13” H

Net Weight:
275 lbs

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