G+D BPS C2-3 Banknote Sorter

General Details
Banknotes can be processed efficiently and cost-effectively with the latest generation of table-top systems from G+D. Three delivery compartments mean very flexible sorting options. Consistently high throughput of 1,050 banknotes per minute ensures superior productivity, and best-in-class sensors guarantee maximum reliability during authentication and fitness detection.

All of this makes the BPS C2-3 the ideal solution for commercial banks, cash in-transit companies, and casinos which want to combine peak performance with a high level of flexibility.

1,050 banknotes/min

Output compartment capacity
up to 250 banknotes

Reject compartment capacity
up to 100 banknotes

Dimensions (H × W × D)
24.4 × 13 × 16.9 inches

~ 70.5 lbs

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